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sarcoidosisThe cause of Sarcoidosis is still unknown. In fact, it can appear and suddenly disappear. There are also times when it gradually develops and accompanied symptoms. The symptoms can be noticeable but often disappears without notice, and appear again in the future. For some patients, Sarcoidosis can be a lifetime condition.  Despite the modern technological advancements, many people are still suffering from different kinds of diseases. Tissue inflammation is very common among people and one disease that is similar to this is Sarcoidosis. This condition is a specific inflammation type that can occur in any of the body organs. However, studies have shown that it usually starts in the lymph nodes or lungs.

Sarcoidoisis Symptons result from affected tissues which tend to have granulomas that appear as microscopic lumps. The lumps can disappear with treatment but there are documented cases when the granulomas fade without treatment. Just in case the lumps remain and don’t heal, the tissues become inflamed and scarred. This condition has been around for centuries ever since Dr. Cesar Boeck and Dr. Jonathan Hutchinson discovered it. Before, it was referred to as Hutchinson or Boeck disease. Later on, Dr. Boeck decided to name it Sarcoidosis because of the skin eruptions that are flesh-like or sark/oid in Greek.

How will you know if you have Sarcoidosis? The primary symptoms are persistent cough and dyspnea or shortness of breath. There are times when it appears suddenly together with skin rashes. You will also notice erythema nodosum or read bumps on the shins, arms, and face. Eye inflammation may also occur. General symptoms of this condition may include fever, night sweats, fatigue, and weight loss.

It was once thought that Sarcoidosis is a rare case. However, many people are suffering from this chronic disease. In the US, lung disorders are quite common and this is one of the recognized diseases. Regardless of your age, sex, or nationality, you might be suffering from this disease. Many of today’s sufferers are young black women, especially the Puerto Rican, Irish, German, and Scandinavian.

Sarcoidosis is often mistaken for other health conditions. If you suspect that you’re suffering from this disease, you will need to look for an experienced doctor for Sarcoidosis Treatment. Preliminary diagnosis usually includes the evaluation of medical history, physical examination, routine tests, and x-ray. Since other health conditions have the same symptoms, accurate diagnosis will involve the elimination of conditions like rheumatic fever, fungal infections, berylliosis, etc.

Only after accurate diagnosis can you be treated properly. However, since the symptoms are on and off, Sarcoidosis usually doesn’t require treatment. Most of the symptoms are not that severe and will often disappear over time. For the formation of granuloma and the inflammation, the patients are given corticosteroid such as the Prednisone.

In the case of lung scarring or fibrosis, there is no treatment. To get the right treatment, you will have to get diagnosed. If you are suffering from Sarcoidosis, you will have to avoid sunlight, vitamin D, and foods with high calcium content.  If you don’t know what sarcoidosis looks like, then check out these Sarcoidosis Pictures.

Get diagnosed today and determine the most suitable treatment or lifestyle to follow.